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Le Flair




FLAT: Marc-Chagall-Straße 70 – 40477 Dusseldorf – 120 squaremeter

Integrated 4 room concept: living, working, cooking, eating, two bedrooms for couples, child, or guests, two bathrooms, dressing room, entrance and exit

Services: Concierge and service point, Guest apartments, two underground parking spaces, Charging station, E-mobility.

Luxury line: floor heating, travertine, glass, stainless steel, bisazza mosaics, SieMatik kitchen installation, triple glazing, Alupanzer Rainshower, bath- experience camera-monitored entrance monitor with intercom system

Design objects: Bed by Timeform, Coffee table by Roche Bobois, Beanbag by Ligne Roset, Art by JAN HOLTHOFF

Realized in 2010

For partnering inquiries from architects/developers do not hesitate to contact:

JAN HOLTHOFF (Artist/Designer/Developer)
Mobile: +49 170 5597843

Viewing of the apartment is possible by appointment with the owner, JAN HOLTHOFF, accompanied only by him personally.


Inspired by his favorite architects, Peter Zumthor and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (Barcelona Pavilion), the owner, builder and artist JAN HOLTHOFF realized this apartment in the Le Flair Project, located in the trendy Düsseldorf district of Pempelfort on Marc-Chagall-Strasse, in a two-year planning phase. He created it in cooperation with a team of architects from a renowned construction company from Ratingen.

The new Le Flair housing estate is a 15-minute walk from the Malkasten Artists' Association, the Hofgarten and a 20-minute walk from international design brand stores on the KÖ.

The infrastructure of Rethelstraße with the traditional Heinemann pastry shop/confiserie, Ludwig butcher and delicatessen,Trattoria Olio at the old Gütherbahnhof, the Skybar on Toulouser Allee and the SBahn connection to Düsseldorf Airport (DUS)-which is just 10 minutes away- can be reached in just 5 pleasant minutes on foot.

The foundation of JAN HOLTHOFF's apartment is a spatial concept thought out by the artist, which creates visual axes in this apartment, exploring an integrated complex of bedrooms, bathrooms, dressing room, living room, kitchen and guest/children's room areas in a differentiated location of life. It condenses the inside and outside and in it opening and intimacy within poetic objectivity, to create an attitude towards life that is committed to humanitas.

JAN HOLTHOFF's apartment is characterized by ultimate planning down to the last detail. The foundations are in clear material decisions and a color concept by the artist, which unfold as a common thread in the fundamental atmosphere of the living space. The first touch of the residents’ still bare feet on the floor in the morning after restful sleep in the Zeitraum bed, then leads them through frosted glass doors which smoothly glide into the matte white walls, opening the way to the bathrooms and dressing rooms. This becomes an ever renewed and warm welcome to the inspiring everyday life in this oasis of well-being, which in its dimensions and sense of space, has opted to take the form of a ground-floor apartment with a moonlit front garden and a western sunlit evening garden on one level, rather than the multi-story nature of a townhouse.

The material underpinning is the floor-heating, finely tempered natural stone floor made of travertine, which JAN HOLTHOFF had cut according to its own dimensional specifications in the quarries of northern Italy in the self-determined dimension of 40x60 cm, laid in landscape format and connected by light ocher-colored joints. The surface of the 2 million year old sedimentary limestone is finely troweled, glossily polished and creates a light feel that allows elegant and light-footed gliding over the surfaces.

Bluish-green Bisazza mosaics from Milan (bathrooms) and gray (kitchen), the floor-to-ceiling glass windows, to their own front garden and backyard, the glass door to the white kitchen installation half-opening to the living space, a symmetrical custom kitchen with stone countertop designed by JAN HOLTHOFF, with SieMatic and conceived as an object, automatic closing drawers, aluminum strips, a central and fluent adjustable induction cooktop with 4 burners for perfectly tempered Ittala cookware in brushed stainless steel in the core, stainless steel and glass in bathrooms without any compromise to plastic in all details, the rain shower recessed in the ground, all constitute the space. Living room table by Roche Bobois, beanbag by Ligne Roset and large-scale painting by JAN HOLTHOFF on the central wall in the living room, screenless film projector gives a fully rounded living experience for sophisticated couples or families.

The contemporary residence for families and members of all generations, planned and realized by a developer from Ratingen, with courtyards, squares, gardens, town houses, a park with a birch forest and playgrounds in a low-traffic residential street, skillfully combines a classical architectural aesthetic with a metropolitan atmosphere, which negotiates architecture at the height of our times, free of kitsch, and could just as well be located in the center of Lyon.

According to reviews in magazines such as, Focus or Capital, companies in cities such as Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart with the best career prospects, are currently and increasingly attracting new residents. A quote from "Real estate investors no longer have to worry at all about falling prices or empty apartments there," reassures Stefan Mitropoulos, real estate expert at Deutsche Bank, and goes on to say, "There is plenty of affluent clientele there... The densely populated areas are heading toward noticeable shortage situations."

This analysis describes an ongoing trend that is driving prices upward again despite the deterioration of the fiscal environment. A doubling of the value of such real estate in the luxury sector every 12 years, corresponds to the proven feasibility of an economic reutilization and remains at all times the safest speculation-free opportunity for comprehensive wealth creation.